Choose your configuration to implement the right gamification throughout the booking process guiding your business travellers to the right decision.

Customized nudges

Points and rewards

Impact made understandable by comparisons and green scores

Impact Measurement

Make CO2 emission savings measurable and transparent for everyone.

Admin reporting and performance tracking on company level

Business traveller dashboard with individual impact scores and rewards display

CO2 emission comparisons and saving possibilities


Greener travelling saves money – donate a share of your savings or directly reward conscious travellers.

Make green behavior of your employees be seen

Rewards based on CO2 emission saved

Choose between impactful climate initiatives (donations, sustainable gifts)

Sustainable Travel Guide

Understand the benefits of the available levers to achieve your ambitious climate reduction goals

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Why should I implement an incentive system for green business travel?

Nudging and incentivizing in the booking process motivates travellers to choose greener and mostly cheaper options. In 90% of business trips, the green option is actually also the less expensive option. Companies can thus save up to 25 percent of CO2 emissions in the business travel sector, as well as 20 percent of travel costs, without introducing a more restrictive travel policy.

How is incentivization done? What is behind the reward?

Travelers earn points for choosing more environmentally friendly travel options. Each travel option is compared to the average flight or car, for example on the Berlin-Cologne route with the average emissions of a direct flight.

What happens to the points after the trip?

For the use of the points, we currently offer four options that we tailor together with you to your company culture, as well as the given structural and financial possibilities:

  • Corporate donation to a non-profit (climate protection) organization
  • Raffle, e.g. users can win an e-Bike
  • Vouchers through our voucher shop
  • Payout to the salary account (The monetary reward can be easily paid out with the salary and taxed with it. Separate registration or taxation is not necessary.)

Which CO2 calculation method is used?

For an accurate calculation of the climate impact, eco.mio uses advito’s Gate 4 as a standard. Other calculation methods can be used if required.

How much does the incentive software cost?

Costs are primarily dependent on the selected use cases and the number of bookings plus a one-time implementation fee.

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