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Change travel behavior through transparency, nudging & gamification

Display CO2 savings, highlight sustainable booking options, and motivate travelers through peer comparison and competition.

Reward your employees

Use the savings from your greener travel to finance attractive rewards, e.g. donations or raffles with sustainable gifts.

Track and report your performance

See your company’s green travel behavior across teams and company-wide, making use of your favored CO2 savings methodology

Trusted by green travel supporters

Katja Firat
Travel Manager at adesso
Tackling emissions from necessary business travel is a challenge. We did not want to enforce travel bans but instead strive for sustainable change in our employee’s behaviour.
Maximilian Meurer
ESG Team at Roland Berger
I am glad, we found a strong technical partner to close the gap of our sustainable travel roadmap helping us to meet our sustainability targets through the facilitation of behavioral change.
Fabian Kienbaum
Fabian Kienbaum
CEO at Kienbaum
Through eco.mio’s innovative plug-in, we’ve transformed our approach to travel, engaging our employees as partners in our sustainability journey, making a real impact on the environment while maintaining our business operations.


Display. Change. Report:
Reach your climate targets. Guide your employees to a more sustainable travel mindset and be CSRD aligned.

CO2 reduction in business travel
Climate Targets
By nudging and incentivizing at the point of decision, employees opt for the greener travel. Reach your Scope 3 reduction targets by nudging and incentivicing right at the point of decision.
State that sustainability is important when choosing their employer
Make your travelers an active part of your climate ambitions without stricter travel policies. Satisfy the longing for effective corporate climate action.
Cost reduction
Do double
In 9 out of 10 cases, the greener option is at least 30% cheaper. Reinvest cost savings into a climate project and eco- friendly employee benefits.

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eco.mio is your solution to close the gap of reaching your climate targets. We believe that awareness and behavioral change is needed to fight climate change.