It’s time to shift our business travel mindset

Immediately cut travel CO2e & save costs by incentivizing green travel choices

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How it works

eco.mio works with your existing online booking tool (OBT).
No changes to the existing environment or to the booking process are required.

1. Budget-to-beat – the baseline travel choice

With our machine-learning algorithm, eco.mio will assign the right baseline (expenses, CO2e, or a blend of both) taking into account …

  • historical travel behaviour.

  • availability & your corporate pricing.

  • your travel policy.

2. Incentivize

Enjoy the benefits of our machine learning algorithm while choosing the …

  • desired travel behavior to incentivize greener & cheaper offers.

  • degree to which behavior should be incentivized.

  • method to incentivize your travelers, e.g., cash rewards, vouchers, donations.

3. Save costs

Be able to finance monetary incentives for desired behavior, while achieving cost savings of up to 30% by …

  • strategically choosing your balance of cost and carbon savings.

  • paying out only a share of the generated cost savings.

  • cross-financing incentives to support green behaviour.

4. Engage

Make conscious traveling comprehensive and more attractive for your employees by implementing our performance dashboard to …

  • provide an overview on savings, emitted carbon emissions & collected incentives.

  • rank their performance compared to peers & company average.

  • offer fun challenges to engage & improve habits.

5. Monitor

Increase management transparency by accessing the company admin webtool to …

  • track savings & untapped potential.

  • follow the alignment of travel behavior with your climate targets.

  • maintain an overview on team performances.

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Our goal is to guide your employees to a more sustainable and conscious travel mindset.

Climate Task Force

Achievable Climate Targets
Meet your ambitious climate targets through real measures and monitor emission savings

Common Consciousness
Engage your employees in a fun way to support carbon reduction goals

Operations Management

Lower Expenses
Save 20-30% on travel expenses

Full Transparency
Monitor savings and identify savings potential.

Travel Management

Good Habits
Increase compliance with travel guidelines on business trips

Seamless Integration
Keep your current booking and expense tracking workflows

Human Resources

Happy Employees
Boost employee satisfaction through freedom of choice, appreciation & incentives

Increased Attractiveness
Improve competitive positioning among young conscious talents

Business Travelers

Promising  Incentives
Be guided by valuable incentives right at the point of decision

Joint Forces
Enjoy team efforts and feel appreciated for your conscious travel behavior

About us

eco.mio is powered by an ambitious team of former consultants, technology enthusiasts and world changers.​

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