Travel green

for the climate.

Together with your company and eco.mio, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint on business trips by 25%.

How it works

During your usual booking via your online booking tool, eco.mio will make it easy for you to see your carbon impact.

Transparency made easy:

for now, only the top travel routes within Germany are supported

choose an option, see the CO2 emission, decide for a greener trip

once you booked e.g. a train ride, you can see your impact in your webtool.

Together, we will save on average 25% of CO₂.

What do you have to do?

Log into eco.mio and accept the terms&conditions.

See CO2 emissions and greener alternatives for your trip.

Choose the greener trip, on the route from Munich – Hamburg you can save up to 160kg CO2!

You can make the difference! Let’s all act together to meet our ambitious climate targets.

In case of questions or comments, please reach out to:

For technical support, please reach out to: