Travel green

and save the planet.

Together, we can reach our climate targets of 50% CO₂ reduction until 2030.

How it works

During your usual booking via tripsource, we will make it easy for you to understand your impact by introducing a CO₂ tax.

What's that?

the carbon tax is configurable, for now we start with 200 EUR per ton CO₂ for any travel option

find the CO₂ tax break down on hover of every offer on the offer listing page

the option with the lowest CO₂ tax will be highlighted

book greener by choosing an option with a lower CO₂ tax

The CO₂ tax concept helps us to achieve 50% CO₂ reduction by 2030.

Example route: Munich – Hamburg

See the option with the lowest CO₂ tax highlighted in green

Of course, the train is the greenest option, but also flights are differing a lot in emissions (travel class, aircraft type, seat capacity, travel load, direct flight vs. stop over)

By choosing greener trips and reducing the CO₂ tax, your company can re-invest savings into climate protection.

Let’s all act together to meet our ambitious climate targets.

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