Travel green

for our climate

As of today, we donate for every green trip you book.


Kienbaum is partnering with eco.mio for climate protection

During the usual booking via your online booking tool, you will now see the greener travel options highlighted.

If you choose one of them, you collect points.

Increase your points by traveling by train.

On the route Düsseldorf – Berlin, for example, up to 174kg.

For each saved kg of CO2, you collect 1 point.

In addition, you collect points by choosing the cheaper option. 1 EUR cheaper = 0.5 points.

The points are converted into donations: 10 points = 1 EUR.

Together, this will save up to 20% of CO2.

We donate the collected amount to NABU, which saves the endangered species of our local environment. The protection of wetlands and swamps also ensures that more CO2 can be absorbed.

Kienbaum will evaluate the savings and donations.

Let’s join forces to do double good!

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