Travel green

for our climate & win an E-Bike

Already more than 680t of CO₂ saved together!


adesso is partnering with eco.mio for climate protection

During the usual booking via your online booking tool, you will see the greener travel obtions highlighted.

If you choose one of them, you collect points.

Increase your points by traveling by train.

New: From now on, you can also collect points on short journeys where the train is the greener alternative to the car.

Together, we are saving on average 25% of CO₂.

Your chance to win an E-Bike every 4 months worth 2.500 Euro

Log into eco.mio

The higher your Green Score, the higher your chances to win (Green Score = Green Trips / All Trips)

We will announce the first winner of the e-bike end of July and start the next round straight away.

Travel green, collect points and increase your chances of winning!

Example: On a route from Frankfurt to Cologne, you save 90 kg of CO₂ by train and collect 90 ecoPoints. This equals:


      • 18,000 balloons
      • 180h of video conference
      • 12,000 cell phone charges

Since eco.mio launch, we saved more than 680 t of CO₂.

This is equivalent to producing 132,000 cotton shirts or driving around the world 88 times in an average car.
Let’s do it like Frank and take the train!

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