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In 9 out of 10 cases, the greener alternative is also the cheaper one.
Cut travel COe & save costs by incentivizing conscious travel choices.

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How it works

No changes to the existing environment or to the booking process are required.
eco.mio works with your existing online booking tool (OBT):

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1. Assess

Our algorithm determines the COe & cost baseline, taking into account …

  • historical travel behaviour.

  • live corporate pricing & availability.

  • your ambitious climate targets & your travel policy.

2. Rate & incentivize

Promote a behavioral change by …

  • highlighting greener & cheaper options in your OBT.

  • rewarding more eco-friendly travel behavior.

  • choosing rewards, e.g., donation, vouchers or cash-out.

3. Save

Synergize sustainability and cost reduction and achieve CO & cost savings of up to 20% by …

  • paying out only a share of the generated cost savings as rewards.

  • choosing greener & cheaper travel options.

  • tailoring incentives to your needs.

4. Engage & track

Use our Webtool to increase transparency and …

  • provide an overview on savings, emitted carbon emissions & collected incentives.

  • detect untapped potential.

  • align travel behavior with your climate targets.


Our goal is to guide your employees to a more sustainable and conscious travel mindset.

Climate Task Force

Achievable Climate Targets
Ambitious climate targets are met by incentivising right at the point of decision

Common Consciousness
Team spirit & engagement support common carbon reduction goals

Travel & Expense Management

Lower Expenses
The greener option is usually also the cheaper one

Seamless Integration
Compliance with travel guidelines on business trips is increased effortlessly

Human Resources

Happy Employees
Employee satisfaction is increased through freedom of choice, appreciation & incentives

Increased Attractiveness
Climate awareness improves your competitive positioning among young conscious talents

About us

eco.mio is powered by an ambitious team of former consultants, technology enthusiasts and world changers.​

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