Travel green
for our climate

Together, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint on business trips by up to 20%.

How it works

During your usual booking via our online booking tool, we will make it easy for you to understand your impact.
Over the next 3 months, greener alternatives will be rated according to their carbon footprint with the eco.mio points scheme.
You can always collect by far most points by choosing the train.

Please note: for now, only the top travel routes within Germany are supported.

Example route: Frankfurt to Berlin

  • Taking the first train saves up to 141kg CO2e.

  • If you take the train, you therefore earn 141 Points for your carbon saving and some additional 28 Points for your cost consciousness.

  • 10 Points = 2 EUR donation to a climate protection project. 

After 3 months, RB will evaluate how much CO2e was avoided and additionally donated for CO2 absorption.
Support us to prove that this initiative is worthwhile to be implemented throughout RB Germany to save our precious planet.

Let’s all act together to meet our ambitious climate targets.

In case of questions or comments, please reach out to: 

For technical matters contact: