Travel green
for our climate

As of today, we donate for every green trip you book.

adesso is partnering with eco.mio for climate protection

  • During the usual booking via your online booking tool you will now see the greener travel obtions highlighted.

  • If you choose one of them, you collect points.

  • Increase your points by traveling by train.

  • Note: Only train routes with >4hrs travel time will get rewarded.

Together, this will save up to 20% of CO2.

  • On the route Hamburg – Munich, taking the train saves up to 144kg CO2.

  • The points are converted into donations: 5 points = 1 EUR.

  • We donate the collected amount to regional swamp protection: Swamps bind up to 6x more CO2 than a Central European forest.

adesso will evaluate the savings and donations.

Let’s join forces to do double good!

For feedback and questions, please reach out to:

For technical support, please reach out to: